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ATL UTD 2 vs. NYRB II: Live Stream & Open Thread

It’s the inaugural game for G-Unit.

via @ATLUTD2

Just like the big club did on that famous March night in 2017, ATL UTD 2 begin their existence by hosting the New York Red Bulls. The journey to the first team for most of these young players begins now.

Stream also available at

Kickoff is scheduled for 7:00 p.m.

ATL UTD 2 Lineup

This thread will be your match thread. We don’t have many rules here. We just ask that you don’t insult each other personally and treat each other with respect. Debates can get heated and that’s fine, but name-calling and petty insults will get you banned. If you see a comment that you feel is out of line, please report it and it will be dealt with.