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Mouths of the South Podcast

The official Podcast of Dirty South Soccer

MOTS Podcast Episode 197: A New Signing!

Welcome, Brooks Lennon.

MOTS Podcast Episode 196: The Offseason Begins...

We’re bored.

MOTS Podcast Episode 194: Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning’s End

Another season in the books.

MOTS Podcast Episode 194: Crunch Time in the ATL

Here we go

MOTS Podcast Episode 192: On to the Next One

One down. Three to go.

MOTS Podcast Episode 191: Playoff Preview

Win or go home

MOTS Podcast Episode 189: Can Atlanta Make a Playoff Run?

Short answer: We don’t know.

MOTS Podcast 188: What is Atlanta United’s Identity? 

Some good. Some bad. Much uncertain.

MOTS Podcast Episode 186: More Silverware

Ho hum just another trophy

MOTS Podcast 185: Campeones, a road win, & another trip to Orlando

Things are looking up.

MOTS Podcast Episode 184: Death, Taxes and Beating Orlando

On to the final!

MOTS Podcast Episode 183: The ATLUTD Telenovela

In the battle between FdB and his players, who’s right? Who’s wrong? What can be done to fix it?

MOTS Podcast 182: LAFC Beckons

The Five Stripes prepare themselves for their toughest test of the season.

MOTS Podcast Episode 180: Technical Difficulties

The boys try to make sense of a heavy defeat.

MOTS Podcast Episode 179: What a Pity

A rough evening north of the border.

MOTS Podcast Episode 178: The (US Open) Cup is Calling!

What have we learned from the USOC run, so far?

MOTS Podcast Episode 177: Carleton’s Big Opportunity

Is the Charleston match an opportunity for Andrew Carleton to finally break out? Also, #celebrationgate at the Women’s World Cup.

MOTS Podcast 176: De Boer IS Adaptable!

The manager is not who we thought he was.

MOTS Podcast Episode 175: Another Loss in Jersey

We still have MLS Cup and you don’t.

MOTS Podcast Episode 174: Four straight wins, four straight clean sheets

The Five Stripes still own OrLOLando

MOTS Podcast Episode 173: It’s all Good

We feel better now.

MOTS Podcast 172: Better Days Ahead?

Atlanta still have a ways to go.

MOTS Podcast 171: Progress?

A disappointingly rational podcast.

MOTS Podcast Episode 170: A first league win for Atlanta United

We’re good again!

MOTS Podcast Episode 169: Crunch Time for de Boer and Atlanta United

The Five Stripes and their manager need an improved performance in the worst way this weekend.

MOTS Podcast 168: Atlanta United is back to the pitch

Time to play matches again, and stuff

MOTS Podcast 166: It’s Getting Better

Baby steps, yall

MOTS Podcast 165: The Sky is Falling!

It’s. Still. Early.

MOTS Interview Special: Felipe Cardenas

Our own Sam Franco had a few words with Felipe Cardenas of The Athletic.

MOTS Podcast 164: CCL Dreams in Peril?

Tense times for Atlanta United.

MOTS Podcast Episode 163: A Thoroughly Done CCL Preview

Competitive matches, you say?

MOTS Podcast Episode 162: We’re gonna win the League!

Atlanta United dominate on the pitch again. But it’s still early days.