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Possible Atlanta United target Stephane Mbia arrives in Atlanta

FC Sevilla Training Session - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Yesterday a random rumor emerged linking Atlanta United to possible interest in defensive midfielder Stephane Mbia. Today, it appears that the rumor could have real legs as the 31-year-old free agent arrived in Atlanta hours after tweeting he was traveling to the United States.

It could be a massive coincidence that Mbia just happened to arrive in the same city he’s rumored to have a club interested in him. Or the better possibility is that Atlanta United, who have been searching for depth at the defensive midfielder spot since Carlos Carmona departed in February, have finally found their man.

Right now, it’s wait and see until we get some official confirmation. But the facts are clear. Reports have linked Mbia to the Five Stripes and now he’s in Atlanta. Let’s see if the dominoes continue to fall...