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Eales: Villalba is the quickest winger you’ve ever seen

The club prez continues to preach excitement.

Dave Williamson Photography

One thing is abundantly clear when hearing some of the things Atlanta United President Darren Eales has been saying about his club. They will be dripping with exciting, attacking talent. Earlier this week in an interview, he basically guaranteed that the team would be extremely fun to watch no matter the result.

On Thursday, during a radio spot with 92.9 The Game, Eales doubled down on that by heaping praise onto several aspects of the team’s attacking style. He singled out the club’s first ever Designated Player signing, Tito Villalba, claiming that he’s the ‘quickest winger you’ve ever seen’.

He went on to back up his guarantee that Atlanta United would be a fun club to watch even if the initial results don’t go their way. Claiming that some of their final scores would end 5-4 rather than the typical 1-0 scorelines you see on a regular basis.

You can listen to the whole interview here:

While it’s way too early to predict how successful in the wins column the fledgling club will be. One thing seems to be certain, you’ll be getting your money’s worth in entertainment value from watching this team in their inaugural season. Let the hype flow through you. Is it March 5th yet?