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Super Bowl 2017: Atlanta, New England stakes raised with MLS Presidents wager

A little bit of fun ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.

Atlanta United and New England Revolution have agreed to a friendly Super Bowl bet to make things interesting for soccer fans who may not be chomping at the bit to watch the big game.

To say Sunday is a big day for the city of Atlanta would be an understatement. After 21 years of the city’s professional sports teams failing to win a championship, the Atlanta Falcons make their second trip to the Super Bowl and are just 60 minutes away from capturing their first Lombardi trophy.

Standing in between them and that illustrious prize is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Ironically, both team’s owners also own MLS teams. While one is significantly more invested in their team than they other, the fact still remains.

The two soccer clubs agreed to a friendly bet over the outcome of the Super Bowl. Whichever city’s team loses, their soccer team’s President has to wear the other team’s kit (presumably for a picture of some sort).

Here’s to hoping we don’t have to see Darren Eales sporting an ugly Revs kit anytime soon.