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Atlanta United fans flex their muscle, steal Goal of the Week for Miguel Almiron


Look, this is an Atlanta United blog. One of our biggest jobs is to be as biased towards the club and its players as we possibly can be when fighting the evil spirits of the rest of MLS and their meany fans. However, let’s be honest in saying that we have straight up stolen an award for Miguel Almiron today.

Yes, Miggy’s volley has won the MLS Goal of the Week award for Matchweek 2. This volley:

His 35% of the vote beat out Anbial Godoy of the San Jose Earthquakes, who scored an amazing strike that completed a two-goal comeback to give his team three points. I mean, watch this goal:

Factoring in the time and score, if this was a fair world, this goal would’ve won the award. However, thanks to your awesomeness, we voted Miggy in. You shouldn’t feel bad about that. As they say: Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Atlanta United, like it or not, are the new ‘it’ team in MLS. We’re going to win all the awards and win all the fan votes. Deal with it.