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WATCH: Greg Garza is curious about Gresselmania

The latest edition of Mic’d Up is here.

Gresselmania is running wild in Atlanta. The latest edition of Atlanta United’s digital series “Mic’d Up” is out now. In this video, they put the mic on Greg Garza during a training session and the first thing he wants to know is what this new craze called “Gresselmania” is all about? What the full episode here:

The answer to that question is an interesting one. It all started on Twitter, as most great ideas do. This one tweet introduced the idea of it:

Literally within minutes of the idea, hashtags, t-shirts, and even tifo concepts sprung up. The idea is very simple. Take Atlanta’s No. 8 draft pick Julian Gressel’s last night (which conveniently rhymes with Wrestle) and combine it with Pro Wrestling biggest yearly event in WrestleMania, thus resulting in “Gresselmania”.

Personally, I adore the nickname. It’s organic and makes so much sense. If we don’t at least get an awesome tifo out of all of this, then what are we even doing here? Yes, this is a challenge to you, Atlanta United supporter groups. Run with it and prosper...