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Someone remixed an Outkast classic with an Atlanta United theme

And it is so dope.

This is the greatest thing you’ll hear leading up to Atlanta United’s first match against the New York Red Bulls: a fully produce rap song about Atlanta United! And this thing is dope!

Kyle Conarro tweeted out his original ATLUTD rap earlier today and found a way to incorporate every single player, Darren Eales, Arthur Blank and Carlos Bocanegra in the song.

The song relies heavy on the “Five Stripes” nickname that has been gaining attention and acceptance over the last few weeks and gives a general overview of Atlanta United’s history and build-up to their home opener tomorrow at Bobby Dodd Stadium. It includes real audio from Atlanta United front office members and emphasizes the notion that Atlanta is a soccer city and will be successful in year one.

This is surely only a sampling of the hip-hop culture many expected to accompany Atlanta United’s introduction to MLS, but we haven’t seen creativity like this since the club’s inception.

Truly a masterful job, Kyle.