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Brad Guzan talks joining Atlanta United

The goalkeeper gives his first Atlanta interview to FOX Sports.

Brad Guzan is here! Okay, maybe he’s not technically here, but he’s at least at Atlanta United’s training ground visiting after finishing his Premier League season with Middlesbrough. The United States international joined Brittany Arnold on Atlanta United: Match Week this week for his first interview since signing a pre-contract with the club in January.

Guzan will join the team in July for training when his transfer can officially go through. He tells Arnold that he’s most excited about joining a club with such a great fan base.

“I think the most exciting part for me is being part of a club that’s just come into the league, but you’d never think they had just come in. It’s an exciting club that the fans support. The fan base has been tremendous in the first couple of months and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

The stellar play of Alec Kann in the beginning of the season has many fans wondering about a goalkeeping controversy when Guzan arrives. It should be an interesting summer between the Atlanta United posts.