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Atlanta United have taken their trolling game to Orlando’s own backyard

The team restart their MLS campaign with a home-and-home against Orlando City. And the 5 Stripes are ready.

ATL’s billboard is right in the heart of Orlando

After GM Darren Eales unleashed this bit of savagery earlier in the week, Atlanta United have brought the game to a whole new level, to the tune of a billboard spotted in downtown Orlando.

Something such as this does take a lot of balls, but considering they lead the league in Goals Scored, as well as taking some of the league’s best to the cleaners so far this year, a bit of hubris isn’t totally unfounded.

Time will tell what happens next, as the 5 Stripes travel to Mickeytown on Friday to begin their home-and-home stretch against Orlando, and clearly, Atlanta’s looking forward to it.