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These new Atlanta United banners are stunningly beautiful

Unbelievable work.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen some very creative fans come up with awesome ideas surrounding Atlanta United. Whether it’s art, interesting memorabilia or whatever. There are is a ton of really cool stuff being created by fans of this team. However, we’ve stumbled onto something truly amazing made by Supporters Group, La 12 de Atlanta.

This “La Banda” banner featuring Atlanta’s South American contingent is something truly special. According to guidelines, because La 12 de Atlanta isn’t yet an officially recognized Supporters Group of the club, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be allowed to bring this masterpiece inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This would be a travesty. Having something this beautiful hanging somewhere in Atlanta United’s brand new home would be perfection. This is true art.

That isn’t all! There are more beautiful pieces, including this:

Hopefully something can be worked out with the club to allow exceptional pieces of art like this to be hung in the stadium. Obviously every request for a place cannot be accepted, but exceptions should be made for the extraordinary, in this writer’s opinion.