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Ezequiel Barco declined part of his transfer money from Atlanta United for an awesome reason

A top-class kid.

Flamengo v Independiente - Copa CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2017 Final Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

We aren’t 100% sure because it’s likely the exact particulars won’t officially be released, but the total transfer fee paid by Atlanta United for Ezequiel Barco should be around $15 million. That’s not including 30% they’ll pay for any potential future sale between now and 2019.

Part of that money will go to Barco himself, which will bring him a long way from the humble beginnings he came from in Villa Gobernador Galvez, Argentina. But instead of immediately spending it on much of the things like a typical 18-year-old would, he’s using some of that money for an awesome purpose.

Think about it: You’re 18 years old and just became a multi-millionaire. One of the first things you do with our riches is give that money back for the betterment of other people. As you can see on this page, Independiente’s current training ground isn’t the most up to date.

It’s tough to not root for a young man like this.