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MLS All-Star Game 2018: Atlanta United leading the way in voting so far

About what you’d expect

MLS: Commissioner Don Garber Press Conference Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

You know when you want to play with Atlanta United online in FIFA 18 and you’re searching for a match and it takes forever. Then you take it off restrictive settings and get matched up with a team like Juventus and complain as you lose 4-1?

Well this is close to becoming a reality as we, Atlanta supporters, are filling up the All-Star ballot with Atlanta players. As of now, EIGHT players are in line to be with the MLS All-Star team from the Fan XI alone.

Essentially if Tata, who is coaching the MLS All-Star team, wants to, he can make it Atlanta United (plus 3 others) vs. Juventus in Mercedes-Benz Stadium which would be both very cool and highly nerve-racking.

Voting ends on June 20th. Make sure to keep vote on the MLS App here.

Sidenote: #VoteAsad

Sidenote #2: MLS is most definitely changing the All-Star voting for next year because of this, so that’s something to be proud of (I think?).