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Rumor: Atlanta United 2020 away kit leaked

Five Stripes are back?

Joseph Meme on Twitter @ThreeDef

Atlanta United in 2020 will be leaving their “King Peach” away kit and in July we learned that the new away kit would include a gold and white combination of some sort. Today, we caught a glimpse of what it might look like.

According to this leak, the new away kit will re-integrate the “five stripes” visual and confirmed the gold/white combo. Another piece to this leak is the three stripes on the shoulder is symbol for the 25th MLS season. As for the colors, this looks more like the King Peach color scheme, but you can see how the white/gold color scheme could be used in this design.

Digging in a little bit deeper I was able to talk to man behind the leak, Joseph Memé, and apparently this leak comes from Fifa’s mobile game which had replaced both the LA Galaxy and Atlanta’s away kit with these designs, here’s the full explanation below.

Joseph was also able to provide me with the in-game screenshot of the leaked away kit

It’s important to remember that this isn’t confirmed and even if this is the planned design, things can change. Big shout to Joseph his group over on the FC Cincinnati discord for finding this out.

So..... uhhhmm, let us what you think of these.