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ATLUTD: Tactical Analysis

Talking Tactics.

Roll the Tape: A closer look into how Atlanta United defended against the Portland Timbers

Almost a second clean sheet in a row... so, so close...

The Tactics Board: How Does Pineda Keep Atlanta United’s Momentum Through the International Window?

Key players will be repping their national teams, but the away match in Columbus presents possibilities

Roll the Tape: Analyzing Atlanta United’s three-goal win at Charlotte FC

Caleb Wiley goes off, Luiz Araújo shakes off the curse and Thiago Almada continues to prove he’s a top player in the league

Roll the Tape: A deep dive into Atlanta United’s defending in its 3-0 victory at Charlotte FC

The first clean sheet of the season, a look at the Five Stripes’ organized defensive structure and me freaking out about Total Football

Roll the Tape: Analyzing Atlanta United’s attacking against Toronto FC

Rossetto TAKES SHOTS, Guzan gives us heart attacks and Tanky McTankface makes his grand debut

Roll the Tape: A look at Atlanta United’s defending in its 1-1 draw to Toronto FC

Pressing is the name of the game

Roll the Tape: A visual analysis of Atlanta United’s 2-1 victory over San Jose Earthquakes

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of key plays from this dramatic match

Talking Tactics: Should Gonzalo Pineda keep Atlanta United in a back three?

Though not Pineda’s first choice, is this the way forward?

Talking Tactics: How can Gonzalo Pineda set up Atlanta United with the current injury crisis?

Atlanta United’s staff has some tactical decisions to make with the dearth of options on the back line.

Predicting Atlanta United’s Starting XI vs. Columbus Crew

Who replaces Andrew Gutman?

Talking Tactics: How will Gonzalo Pineda integrate Luiz Araujo into his Atlanta United side?

As Atlanta’s most talented player regains fitness and looks poised to start for the first time since opening weekend, how will he be used?

Examining Atlanta United’s midfield without Ozzie Alonso

Gonzalo Pineda and his team will have to find new solutions with a key player out for the year once again.

The tactical lesson we’re not talking about from Atlanta United’s draw vs. Montreal

Atlanta United changed shape and personnel against Montreal and it didn’t go well. What can be learned?

What will Thiago Almada bring to Atlanta United?

A thorough scouting notebook on Atlanta’s new DP, statistically breaking down who he is as a player and what he’ll add to Gonzalo Pineda’s side.

Breaking down Gonzalo Pineda’s selection dilemma as Atlanta United enters MLS Cup Playoffs

A trip to Yankee Stadium throws a wrinkle Atlanta United’s tactical plan.

Illustrated Box Score - Atlanta United 0-0 New York Red Bulls: Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

Selling your soul to taste the forbidden fruit

How Gonzalo Pineda tweaked the attack and what that means for Atlanta United’s matchup with New York Red Bulls

A win on Wednesday can wash away some of Saturday’s disappointment

Three tactical notes from Atlanta United’s home win against Inter Miami

With a defined front-three and a healthy Sosa, how does Atlanta look different?

Comparing Tactics: Valentino vs. Pineda

How different was Pineda’s Atlanta in his debut 2-0 loss to Nashville?

Rob Valentino's Tata-like tweaks to Atlanta United

Or maybe credit goes to assistant coach Josef

Talking Tactics: When Tactics Don’t Matter

Individual errors cost Atlanta United in Chicago.

Talking Tactics: Can Atlanta United’s Attack Find its Form?

We really hope so.

Talking Tactics: How Atlanta United Conceded Two Late Goals Against Philadelphia

Individual errors and plain old bad luck cost the Five Stripes dearly.

Atlanta United vs. Philadelphia Union Tactical Preview

Injuries and Copa America have stolen players from both sides. Will the third attempt be the charm for Atlanta?

How can Atlanta United replace Emerson Hyndman?

With one of Atlanta United’s most consistent midfielders out of the picture, how will Gabriel Heinze fill the void?

LOGICAL & REASONABLE: What the goals in Atlanta United vs. Nashville might say about the team in 2021

Look, just tell me if the forces of randomness thing is right and the we’re going to all live on Mars with Heinze or if it’s the Houston Dynamo thing and the team is going to finish 6th

Tactical Analysis: Heinze’s defensive nuance and adjustments

We wrap up an in-depth look at Atlanta United’s defensive setup under Gabriel Heinze by analyzing at the tweaks and adjustments.

Atlanta’s Swiss Army Knife: Franco Ibarra

Where is his best position? And where will Heinze use him most?

Tactical Analysis: Atlanta United’s marking and counterpressing under Heinze

We look further into how Atlanta United manager Gabriel Heinze wants his teams to defend.

Learning Heinze: Analyzing defensive setup and personnel

Continuing our series of analysis of Gabriel Heinze’s tactics, we look at the manager’s approach to defensive setup.

Talking Tactics: How Atlanta United’s midfield setup lead to Josef Martinez’ first goal of 2021

Sometimes little things make a big difference.

Learning Heinze: Problems and possibilities at Atlanta United

Breaking down the film on Heinze’s tactics, where things are going wrong, and why it’s exciting as hell.