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The Daily Dirt

Your daily news links and open thread to discuss whatever.

The Daily Dirt May 21, 2018: At least Orlando is also terrible

Other soccer things as we all try to forget Sunday

The Daily Dirt May 18, 2018: Where’s Barco?

And a famous Atlanta United fan gets his name in the paper

The Daily Dirt May 17, 2018: Silly season is open

Let’s look at some roomers and a field trip for Darren and Carlos

The Daily Dirt May 16, 2018: World Cup roster announcements

And a pretty salary chart

The Daily Dirt, May 15, 2018: A six named Pete

Is #SixWatch back?

The Daily Dirt May 14, 2018: Goodbye Eurosnobs

Plus, how’s the table look in MLS?

The Daily Dirt May 11, 2018: Say hello to your mother for me

Plus, some last minute gift ideas!

The Daily Dirt, May 10, 2018: Hump Day heartache

A bummer at the Benz

The Daily Dirt May 8, 2018: A strong statement from LAFC

And other news and notes to start your day

The Daily Dirt May 4, 2018: Rotating the squad

With the fixtures piling up, let’s talk about who could benefit.

The Daily Dirt May 3, 2018: Time for some Game State Theory

A TDD special investigation

The Daily Dirt May 2, 2018: A big day for Duane Holmes


The Daily Dirt May 1, 2018: Baby, when you finally get to love somebody, guess what?

Yeah guess what?

The Daily Dirt April 30, 2018: New stadiums and new friends

The Daily Dirt April 27, 2018: Patience is a virtue

With the MLS transfer deadline approaching, it could be a game of patience for Atlanta United.

The Daily Dirt April 26, 2018: Live from Russia from a studio in America

Brought to you by dragon energy

The Daily Dirt April 24, 2018: Just give FIFA the $10,000

Come for the FIFA news, stay for the nutmegs

The Daily Dirt April 20, 2018: A dragon lives forever’s Friday, you ain’t got no job...

The Daily Dirt April 18, 2018: Concacaf Champions League and beef

Bigmouth strikes again

The Daily Dirt April 17, 2018: The return of the dirt

Miss me?

The Daily Dirt April 6, 2018: The Europa League, where Fortnite celebrations are made

Goals, nutmegs and fun facts from a day of soccer around the world.

The Daily Dirt April 5, 2018: Nothing good happens after midnight

Soccer and underpants news to start your day

The Daily Dirt April 4, 2018: Ronaldo’s Tour de Turin

So about that Zlatan goal

The Daily Dirt April 3, 2018: A day of champions

And other news and various soccer links for your morning

The Daily Dirt April 2, 2018: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

It was a crazy weekend in MLS.

The Daily Dirt March 30, 2018: Oh the weather outside is weather


The Daily Dirt March 29, 2018: What do you mean the traffic derby?

And some Fantasy MLS notes

The Daily Dirt March 27, 2018: Who are ya? No, really who is on the USMNT?

Some national team stories and a ATLUTD worthy tattoo

The Daily Dirt March 26, 2018: Abolish the international break

Or recognize it, either way

The Daily Dirt March 23, 2018: The Zlatan Ibrahimovic addition edition

Zlatan’s top 10 - in MLS!

The Daily Dirt March 22, 2018: MLS Survey special report

Spill the tea boys

The Daily Dirt March 21, 2018: Mixing it up

MLS overrated rankings and other soccer bits