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The Daily Dirt: Don Garber does not like Chattanooga FC

Or, the MLS commissioner simply doesn't like the idea of relegation and promotion.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

On the subject of promotion and relegation, which is a staple in world club soccer but is nowhere to be found in the United States, MLS commissioner Don Garber has a firm opinion. Garber doesn't want the practice adopted by the American soccer structure, and he took a shot at little old Chattanooga FC to prove his point.

"If you're investing billions and billions of dollars, which we are now at about $3.5 billion invested [in MLS] in 20 years, to build something in Kansas City and they have a shitty season, to think they might be playing in Chattanooga in a stadium of 4,000 people on a crappy field with no fans, makes no sense."

As Twice a Cosmo points out, Chattanooga played in front of 18,000 fans for the NPSL final, and by the looks of this video, the atmosphere compared favorably to many MLS game days. Why do you hate Chattanooga, Don? What happened to you in Rock City?

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