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The Daily Dirt: 'Downtown DeKalb' centered around Atlanta United's HQ

That's what some DeKalb County officials would like to see.

This training facility could be the certerpiece of a bigger DeKalb County development.
This training facility could be the certerpiece of a bigger DeKalb County development.
Atlanta United FC

Atlanta United FC, which will surely play on the same level as the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Juventus in the coming years, already has plans for a training facility and headquarters in DeKalb County. Now the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the county wants to create a downtown of sorts around the complex. Plans for the "live-work-play urban mixed-use district" call for a new convention center, concert hall, hotel, and government offices. The land is currently occupied by the county jail.

"None of this is etched in stone, but you have to look to see what's possible," said Interim DeKalb CEO Lee May on Thursday. "We know that the jail isn't the best economic development facility for that corridor, so we're looking for alternatives to that."

CONCACAF says Copa America Centenario will still be played in USA [Stars and Stripes FC]

That's in contrast to Tuesday's New York Times report. Will the tournament actually go on in the United States as originally planned? Won't it? Will it happen here without USMNT participation? Who knows.

United States defeats Haiti 5-0 [Stars and Stripes FC]

Ho hum, another USWNT demolition. National hero Carli Lloyd scored three goals in front of about 35,000 fans in Detroit.

Can video replay work in soccer? MLS thinks so [The Guardian]

Video replay reviews are a regular part of American football, as well as baseball, basketball, and hockey, but the idea of implementing such a concept into the world's game has never been given much consideration. MLS commissioner Don Garber thinks it can work, and he has and idea of how to do it. Professional Referee Organization chief Peter Walton hopes to see that plan come to fruition soon: "I'd like to think that somewhere during the course of next season, we will see video technology being used in limited capacity in some professional soccer in North America."

Refugee tripped by Hungarian reporter to coach in Getafe []

One of the more symbolic moments of the Syrian refugee crisis came last week when a despicable Hungarian "journalist" was caught tripping a fleeing man who was carrying a child. As it turns out, Osama Abdul Mohsen previously served as a coach in the Syrian Premier League. Spain's Football Training Center is now training Mohsen as a coach, setting his son up in a local league, and helping the two apply for asylum.

Soccer can and should help with the Syrian refugee crisis [SB Nation]

"These teams are an extension of wills greater than them, working to alleviate some of the suffering of those fleeing a great evil. Or else they are just football clubs."

Europa League 2015 schedule and scores: An exciting group stage kicks off [SB Nation]

Heung-Min Son scored twice in three minutes in Tottenham Hotspur's 3-1 win over Qarabag, which means he's probably better than Harry Kane.

What's happening in The A?

The Toronto Blue Jays shut out the Braves to clinch their three-game series. Never mind that. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter made an appearance on the kiss cam. They're a couple of real sweethearts.

EVERYBODY PANIC: Julio Jones was held out of Falcons practice Thursday. Dan Quinn says the move was only precautionary, so step back from the ledge.

Beloved weird-as-hell Edgewood Avenue bar Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium is temporarily closed after a fire Wednesday night. Keep that in mind when you're making your Friday night plans. (Shameless cross-promotion alert.)