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The Daily Dirt

Your daily news links and open thread to discuss whatever.

The Daily Dirt March 19, 2018: Ultimate Felipe Chumpionship


The Daily Dirt March 15, 2018: Fifty Percentin’

MLS has two horses left in the race.

The Daily Dirt March 14, 2018: Local sports coverage includes two stories a week

I bless the rains down in Africa

The Daily Dirt March 13, 2018: Ah boy, I’m just so tired of all these Star Wars

Do the kessell run in 12 parsecs with me

The Daily Dirt March 12, 2018: The day of the brown pants

Along with a select round up of soccer news and MLS games

The Daily Dirt March 7, 2018: Someone should let Jimmy McMillan run a soccer team

Rent, Champions League(s), and soccer history to start your day

The Daily Dirt March 5, 2018: Breakdowns and teenager goals

One of those was a feature of Atlanta United over the weekend

The Daily Dirt March 1, 2018: Lotso WoSo

Oh and drugs at the World Cup

The Daily Dirt February 28, 2018: Last gasp for NASL 2.0

And... a puppy

The Daily Dirt February 27, 2018: Kits, Arsenal commentary, and a paradox


The Daily Dirt February 23, 2018: The Dog Days of MLS Preseason

Trying to maintain the regular season hype amid reserves playing and bad takes.

The Daily Dirt February 22, 2018: Is it March yet?

Garbage shots at things I don’t understand

The Daily Dirt February 20, 2018: Champions Leagues

So. Much. Soccer.

The Daily Dirt February 16, 2018: Boca, Voices and Peaches

A big reveal night for Atlanta, sprinkled with a bit of rumors.

The Daily Dirt February 14, 2018: Roses, kits, and poems

The Daily Dirt February 13, 2018: A retirement and an unfolding un-retirement

And a USMNT friendly played down south

The Daily Dirt, February 10: Ahmm... IT’S GAMEDAY

Yes, YES, and YES!!!!!

The Daily Dirt, February 7: Don’t tease me, bro

Atlanta United don’t appear to be finished making moves.

The Daily Dirt February 6, 2018: Adios Asad

So much angst

The Daily Dirt February 2, 2018: Another Rumor A-brewing?

A quiet but rumor filled day around the MLS

The Daily Dirt February 1, 2018: Bad eggs and bad coaches

Thanks for the memories, even though they weren’t so good

The Daily Dirt January 31, 2018: The State of Atlanta United is Strong

A conclusion to the Cyle Larin comedy and soccer parody by Arsenal

The Daily Dirt January 30, 2018: Cyle Larin is a Ponzi scheme

Plus, transfer news, Miami MLS, and a bachelor rekrap

The Daily Dirt January 29, 2018: Zlatan alert

The USMNT also kicked a soccer ball for 90 minutes

The Daily Dirt, January 26, 2018: SOUND THE ALARM

Thursday in the soccer world featured loads of craziness to digest, take a moment to breathe.

The Daily Dirt, January 25, 2018: Miami on the brink of joining MLS?

Plus some other news from around the league and the world of soccer

The Daily Dirt January 24, 2018: MLS holdouts and a huge mess for the FA

Let’s give the Daily Dirt a reboot, shall we?

The Daily Dirt, December 29: Premier League Craziness

After a quiet day around MLS, we take a closer look at the Premier League.

The Daily Dirt, December 28: To Barco, or Not to Barco

Your daily dose of Barco coverage along with some news elsewhere

The Daily Dirt, December 25: Merry Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or something.

The Daily Dirt, December 22: Rumors and El Clásico

The 270th El Clásico kicks-off Saturday, while more rumors swirl around Atlanta.

The Daily Dirt, December 21: Barco, Barco and more Barco

Rumors are continuing to swirl...