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Friday Free Kick

It's whatever, bruh.

Friday Free Kick: A realistic acquisition for Atlanta United

Hi. My name is Rob. This is my realistic dream signing.

Former Georgia Bulldogs kicker Blair Walsh shows off his soccer skills

Blair Walsh competes against Cesc Fabregas in a challenge

Friday Free Kick: The AUFC Attainable XI

We put together a starting 11 of players Atlanta United could realistically get

FRIDAY FREE KICK: Atlanta United needs Bambino Pons


Friday Free Kick: Country over Club?

The supporter's mentality in the USA is unlike most other countries

Friday Free Kick: Remembering Hillsborough

A history lesson on the Hillsborough tragedy

FFK: Top 10 Bands heard on 99x in the '90's

Trying to pick the top 10 alternative rock bands from the golden age of that genre... What could go wrong?

FFK: Soccer is boring


FML is a top 10 Kanye West song, maybe top 5

Yes, another Kanye article.

Friday Free Kick: MLS as Game of Thrones houses

Soccer + Game of Thrones. What could be better?

Friday Free Kick: The Top 5 Bond Theme Songs

This list is final and you have no input.

FFK: Comparing 10 soccer players and rappers

If Cristiano Ronaldo is Kanye West then that makes Lionel Messi...

FFK: How "The Departed" should have ended

This ending would've totally blown our minds and made perfect sense.

Friday Free Kick: Man Bun - The Decision 2016

He's depending on you Atlanta United and Atlanta soccer community. Man bun or no man bun?

Deconstructing MattyB covering Outkast

There is so much going on in this video. We need to talk.

Friday Free Kick: A little help for a friend

A friend of one of our writer's needs help paying for her son's surgery.

Friday Free Kick: Don't call it Hot-lanta

Awesome Atlanta Stuff. And things that make Atlantans mad.

FRIDAY FREE KICK Stop with the Guac

It's awful. Stop it.

Friday Free Kick: Great Kits, Overrated Films

Crests and color reveals and movie fun. Must be Friday.

5 reasons it is exciting to be an AUFC fan on Xmas

Hi it is Brian. As a big Atlanta United fan I thought it would be cool to share five reasons why it is excited to be a fan of the team this Christmas.

A new Atlanta resident gets to know the city

DSS's newest writer explores his new home.

FRIDAY FREE KICK: Sports are mean and I hate them

Nothing good comes from sports.

FRIDAY FREE KICK: I bought my first soccer scarf

This Atlanta United FC scarf looks great.