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MLS Fantasy

MLS Fantasy discussion, news, and advice.

The Dirty South Soccer Fantasy MLS League - Joining and some roster tips

TL/DR get players who stand closer to the goal, goals are worth more points

Logical and Reasonable: Fixing the MLS Fantasy game, because it’s not very good right now

Also, join our league

Join Dirty South Soccer’s Playoff Fantasy League

Pick the winners and win internet points!

Join the 2019 Dirty South Soccer MLS Fantasy league

It’s... well, fun isn’t exactly the right word

Join the Dirty South Soccer MLS Fantasy League

The season kicks off March 3rd

Atlanta United MLS Fantasy preview

Fantasy MLS is back - Join the DSS League

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Week 33: But it’s week 34?

Don’t ruin this for me

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Round 32

And then there were two...

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Week 31: The little week that could

It’s gonna be a weird one

MLS Fantasy Rekrap 30: A huge double game week

And a hot take about Miguel’s injury

MLS Fantasy Rekrap: Week 29

Shoulda captained Josef...

MLS Fantasy Rekrap: Week 27

Back to normalish...

MLS Fantasy Rekrap: Week 25

Mega Double Game Week Edition

MLS Fantasy Rekrap: Week 24

A limited but still exciting double game week

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Round 23

Come for the transfer jokes, stay for the Doody puns

The Morning Rekrap: August 4, 2017

This week’s Fantasy Rekrap

The Morning Rekrap: July 26, 2017

Get ready for this week in Fantasy MLS

The Morning Rekrap: July 18, 2017

Fantasy Rekrap Week 20

The Morning Rekrap: July 3, 2017

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Week 19

The Daily Rekrap: June 29, 2017

MLS Fantasy Rekrap has a new home

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Week 17: Cortado edition

Double game week pandemonium

MLS Fantasy Rekrap 16: Your fantasy cup runneth over

Back to a full slate of games

Fantasy Rekrap Week 12: Rekraptastic

A somber look back at a successful failure

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Week 11: I see dead people

A massive week for fantasy

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Week 6: Return of the Orange Ball

More snow!

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Week 4: Looney Tunes

Looking back at week 4 and ahead to week 5

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Week 3: Red cards and a bat feast

Oh, and there’s games this week, remember to set your roster!

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Week 2: The Goalman Cometh

No anatidaephobia in Atlanta

MLS Fantasy Rekrap Week 1: A Paucity of Points

Low scores, clean sheets, and fungus

MLS Fantasy Rekrap: Fantasy Draft Time Treatise, Part 3

Get ready for the Opening Weekend Challenge

MLS Fantasy Rekrap: Fantasy Draft Time Treatise, Part 2

A team by team look at fantasy players

MLS Fantasy Rekrap: Fantasy Draft Time Treatise, Part 1

The Basics