Report: AC Milan in pursuit of Miguel Almiron transfer

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The silly season is officially underway and Atlanta United’s Miguel Almiron seems to be the main attraction. Last week, some vague rumors out of England linked the Five Stripes playmaker to Newcastle United. This week we have a new team entering the mix.

According to Kristian Dyer of Metro US, AC Milan are in pursuit of Almiron’s signature and are supposedly talking a transfer with MLS/Atlanta for around $18 million.

Dyer adds that a league source has also told him that it’s about 50/50 whether or not Almiron leaves MLS this offseason. In addition to Milan and Newcastle, Inter Milan and Arsenal are other clubs to be linked to Miggy in recent weeks and months.

Almiron joined Atlanta last offseason for a reported fee of around $8 million. While none of us want to see him leave, if the club can more than double their investment in a year, you have to deem that great business. Now we just wait to see what happens...


Does Miggy technically work for MLS or ATLU?

All contracts are owned by MLS. I would think Atlanta has a say in the matter tho.

How much pressure can MLS put on ATLU to sell him?

If they are technically his boss, and MLS decides that it is in the best interest of the league to have a profile sale…

This single entity bit is nutty.

I would like to see ATL hold off in selling if the MLS is indeed changing the transfer rules to allow a larger portion of the fee to go to the rest of the roster (saw this on a FourFourTwo article today, not sure how legitimate it is).

Value thing

How much would you think Atlanta United is worth after its first season?
How much of that value can be associated to the quality of football played by the team?
How much of that quality can be attributed to Almiron? Is the team ready to go into its second season without that assurance?
That is what is at stake upon selling him at this stage of the club´s life. I think he is worth a lot more than 18 million, for the reasons above. I would not risk everything that the team has gained for some 10 million dollars in profit (less, since MLS keeps a large part of the sale, if I understood the crazy rleus right). Would anyone here risk all that the team has got? Next eeason, maybe. Now it is just too risky, and Almriron too important for the overall strategy.

I agree on price. 18 million is not enough. 25-30 million I get.

As far as risk of losing what we built In year 1: that all boils down to how confident Tata, Darren and Carlos that they can find someone this off season to replace him I’m sure that will factor in to any offer.

Almiron wasn’t signed until December of last year

Josef didn’t get signed until the end of January, and he wasn’t even our first choice, we chased after Oscar Romero before getting outbid by the Chinese League. So if Almiron does get sold, I have full confidence in the front office to find a worthy replacement.

They aren’t going to sell without a player lined up. That’s the cardinal rule of transfers.

Unless you’re Everton with Lukaku.

Nice. Points.

It’s amazing how they failed to line up a replacement knowing for two years this summer they would sell him.

Lukaku isn’t exactly an easy guy to replace.

Although, they should have been knee deep on morata, lacazette and Costa, even if they were pipe dreams.

Rooney is not a substitute.

I don’t know why they’re sitting Sandro. He put up numbers in la liga on a crap team…..he’s better than niasse and Rooney.

Think it is also important that if Almiron leaves, he goes somewhere he can do well

Arsenal don’t really have a place for him. The Milans I say could be hit or miss. Newcastle wouldn’t be a terrible shout so long as they keep making smart decisions (like keeping Rafa through relegation and getting a new owner).

I think so too

I’d say the most important factor is how well Almiron fits with the club and how successful he will ultimately be. I don’t mean that that money doesn’t matter, but if multiple offers come in and the dollars are close, the deciding factor should be Miggy’s on field success and not money. This would be Atlanta’s first big transfer, we’re establishing our international street cred with this move, it would be bad for business if Miggy flops with his new team, so we need to be selective with who we sell him to. Newcastle and Arsenal scare me because they’re somewhat dysfunctional.

I still think Spain would be best, but if one of our ‘graduates’ were to carry Newcastle? Or arsenal? That would be a huge statement.


Is very probably leaving. Almiron could do the job. It was sad to see the lack of vertical connection as Arsenal played Man City.

On another note...

Did this story already come out and I missed it, or this story below also breaking news? I clicked on the link to the Almiron story and it had another article about Atlanta United starting up their own USL team for next year.

This would be big news! I don’t think the Charleston affiliation has worked for us, too many of our players we loan to them don’t get playing time.

Ask and ye shall receive!

Right when I post this, this exact story shows up on the main page!

In my mind the only way Almiron leaves this winter is if Tata et al feel someone like Carlton can step into his role. A replacement must already be in Atlanta’s system for a sale like this to happen, regardless of money.
That said, if a good fit for Almiron was willing to overpay (say 35-40 mil) it may make rolling the dice with someone like Carlton worth the gamble.

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