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Clear and Obvious

A collection of weird things about soccer we regret publishing on Dirty South Soccer

BREAKING: Atlanta United announces partnership with headphone company

JLab Audio to become "Official Sound of Atlanta United," whatever the hell that means.

Clear and Obvious: Help wanted?


Clear & Obvious: Every Day Should Be Soccerday: MLS as CFB: 2020


Clear & Obvious: On the fall of the Ancien Regime and its King

Gradually, then suddenly.

Everything is burning and it’s as fine as it’s gonna be

this was fine. this is fine.

Clear and Obvious: Atlanta United - Kings of MLS Jerseys, Kings of Everything, Emperors even

The vote wasn’t even close

How to be kinder to yourself at the end of the world.

this may be what you need to hear. it may not. but it exists. thanks to alcohol and self acceptance. like all great things.

C&O: It’s Underdog week at SBNation, which begs the question: Is Underdog the Nagbe replacement?


Clear & Obvious: Why hasn’t Emerson Hyndman figured out interdimensional travel yet?

hurry up.

DSS Bracket of Brackets: The End

do not pick one

Clear and Obvious: Top XI names in the Belarusian Premier League

The best of the best from BATE to Vitebsk

DSS Bracket of Brackets: THE CHAMPIONSHIP

pick one

DSS Bracket of Brackets: Sweet Eight Recap

a truly remarkable day in a way that was truly remarkable he typed with both of his two hands

DSS Bracket of Brackets: Sweet Eight

the best eight whatevers

DSS Bracket of Brackets: Elite Sixteen Recap

oh captain my captain

DSS Bracket of Brackets: Elite Sixteen

pick one

DSS Does: Choose Your Own Adventure (Chapter 2)

And you may ask yourself. Well,,,How did I get here?

DSS Bracket of Brackets: Round of 32 Recap

where the pairings don’t make sense but the votes still matter...JUST LIKE REAL LIFE AMIRIGHT

Clear and Obvious: A recap of Mighty Ducks so that Payson can understand Mighty Ducks 2

quack, Quack, QUACK

DSS Does: Choose Your Own Adventure

What will happen? That’s up to you.

Now is the time for Elimination Soccer

this is the blinding light at the end of the tunnel

C&O: Merry Happy Contentmas(s) (Extinction)

it’s like Contentmas but with more Metallica playing to 200,000 in the crumbling Soviet Union aesthetic

Sports might be canceled for a while, so now what?

We were supposed to have sports in our lives for these exact moments. So what do we do now?

MLS is back. Death is real. Let’s soccer.

we’re in this together until we’re not. enjoy it while you can.

Clear & Obvious: Emo Hyndman excited but not *too* excited for My Chemical Romance reunion tour

when i was...a young boy

C&O: Dog? Dog!

Who let the...cogs out? (of the machine called society where we are all stuck spinning)

Clear & Obvious: A list of Current Orlando City Players Who Misunderstood the Ending to “The Graduate”

not a dialogue.

Clear & Obvious: Reasons to be happy about signing Adam Jahn

Time for some good news!

C&O: Is Crutchie from “Newsies” the Nagbe replacement?

And the World will know. And the Journal (Constitution?) too.

C&O: Brooks Lennon Loves “Frasier” Probably

this is an indisputable fact most likely