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Clear & Obvious: Baseball.

That’s the way the baseball goes. It’s just showbiz, baby.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

People are going to be so upset about this. They won’t actually read the article. They’ll just see “baseball” and a picture of a dude with a bat and they’ll reply to the tweet promoting the piece to tell us they hate baseball. Instead of clicking on it and maybe...I dunno, maybe it would actually be like a picture of a puppy? Maybe we also hate baseball and that’s what the article is actually about? (We don’t btw, Go Atlanta Area Baseball Team. We posted this today because of them.) But they won’t click on it. They’ll just reply with some snarky reply about falling asleep or they’ll use that GIF of that girl making a disgusted face and yeah. Go check the tweet on DSS twitter. Why did we do this? To prove that we’re better! We know you! Don’t forget that! And we know that you wanted to hate some baseball content. Well, actually I guess if you clicked on this then you probably were at least interested in baseball. It’s the people who didn’t click who hate it. That’s ok. We can make fun of them together. Because this is the joke. And you are in on the joke. And being in on the joke means you’re cool. This is cool. This is definitely cool. Thank you for being cool. You cool person. Have a great day cool person.

Anyway, more soccer content tomorrow. We promise.