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Clear & Obvious: Content-mas is upon us (let’s raise some money.)

For the sake of the content, for the love of the Fugees.

As you all know, we sit on the eve of Contentmas. It’s a holiday we’ve all grown up with. Cherished. Fought with family over. Drank through. Ignored outright in the hopes that Bordwar the Content Paladin won’t wrap the icy hands of content around you creating an unwavering sense of dread. Cherished further.

As Contentmas begins tomorrow, you’ll know that tomorrow is just the first day. Yes, Contentmas last 25 days. Each day bringing a new tasty morsel of content. But as we embrace the new content, let’s keep in mind that we should use our content for good. Actually, let’s not only keep it in mind, let’s actualize it.

As Clear & Obvious and Dirty South Soccer attempt to provide a few minutes of distraction over the next 25 days, we want to ask you to make the content worth it.

This holiday season we’re raising money for our friends, Fugees Family. We’ve raised money for The Fugees in the past, but we’re hoping that this time doesn’t result in one of us permanently inking our bodies or two of us eating our weight in wings. Through your help, we’ve raised over $5,000 for Fugees Family. This time we’re hoping the 17’s can help us raise $1,717.

That’s it. Just $1,717. You’ve done much more damage in the past for just one day of content. We’re offering you 25.

It will probably get weird. We’ll probably run out of ideas. One of us will probably have to write and perform an Atlanta United themed Contentmas carol. Joe Patrick will perform his one man rendition of The Santa Clause 3: Back in the Clauseit. But no matter what, we promise content. Each day. And we’ll remind you that we are in fact doing this for charity. Each day. Until December 25.

The good news is that Contentmas isn’t trapped inside the mind of DSS’s least proficient writers. Contentmas lives in all of us. If you want to make your own content to celebrate, do it! Send it to us or tweet it out with the link to the GoFundMe and we’ll make sure the world sees your Contentmas spirit. We’re in this together. Like we’re in a Peloton Facebook group, we’d sacrifice the world for each other in the battle for toned thighs or content or whatever, look just go donate or make some stuff to help people donate.

If you already know about The Fugees you can go ahead and click the GoFundMe link here:

If you’re wondering why we’re talking about Lauryn Hill or know nothing of The Fugees or The Fugees, let us explain.

From the Fugees Family website:

“In 2004, Coach Luma Mufleh started a Fugees team to provide refugee boys with free access to organized soccer. Her devotion to the boys extended beyond the soccer field and she found ways to support their lives in their new country through schooling and soccer. The Fugees Academy is the nation’s only school dedicated to refugee education. Our flagship campus in Atlanta has received SAIS and SACS accreditation, blending creative teaching with academic fundamentals, interwoven with leadership and character building.

Sports remains a key to the success of the children, and the organization’s programming includes year-round soccer for students at campuses in both Atlanta, Georgia and Columbus, Ohio.

The Fugees Academy has a unique goal, to educate refugee children in an environment that understands their unique challenges. These children are left behind in a traditional public school system. They come to the United States after being forced to flee their home countries. Most have lived through traumatic experiences and have spent time in refugee camps, where education is neither a priority nor an option.

Once settled in the US, these children are behind their peers, both academically and socio-economically. Many have never had any formal schooling, and their parents are often unable to read or write in their native language or English. Lacking the support and guidance they need to succeed in traditional public schools, these refugee children drop out of school and never learn English, develop fundamental academic skills, or identify themselves as a valuable part of American society.

The Fugees Academy attends to the needs of these children, who, at 14 might read at a kindergarten level, if at all. It offers children a bridge from isolation to socialization and learning. The school strives to give its students the support, guidance, and direct instruction necessary to put them on a path to better adjustment, high school graduation, and further successes. Our programming has demonstrated that in a highly structured environment where rules and expectations are clear, and creativity and individuality are nurtured, refugee children don’t just catch up – they become stellar performers who can meet rigorous academic standards.”

For reference:

$50 = Snacks for 1 School for 1 Week

$150 = Full Soccer Uniform for 1 Student

$500 = After School Tutoring Support for 1 Week

So there ya go. We’re making some content. You’re helping us raise some money. The Fugees win. Seems pretty simple, right?

Merry Happy Contentmas.

The link to donate is here: