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Contentmas Day 11: What is content?

c’est n’est pas une content

Over the next 25 days, Clear & Obvious and DSS are raising money for Fugees Family through the power of content*. Our goal is for the 17’s to raise $1,717 this holiday season for one of our favorite non-profits. We’ve ALREADY MET OUR FIRST GOAL AND RAISED $3,000. MY GOD. WE HAVE A NEW GOAL NOW. You can continue help us and The Fugees out by donating or creating your own content (Email us! Make a fanpost! Tweet something!) to promote the GoFundMe. Contentmas is for the people. You can donate and find out more about Fugees Family by going here:

A Merry Happy Contentmas Day #11 to you.

*not all pieces of content will be winners but hey, what can you do?

It is day 11 of nonstop content. But in our efforts to raise money for Fugees Family, have we even taken the time to ask ourself: What is content?

Look at this:

This is a banana.

It is taped up. It also has five stripes on it. The five stripes represent the ever-changing variability of content. Or do they. Perhaps they’re just a reference to a soccer team and perhaps the banana itself is just a reference to a relevant piece of pop culture.

Is this content?

It can be. If you let it be.

Not only can the five striped banana be content, you can be content.

Sure this has already been done by another artist who recognized that anything can be content if you let it, but great artists steal. And we are stealing. And giving back. Like content Robin Hood. Which in itself is content.

So, what are we doing for the content today? We are selling this content to the highest bidder.

Like real artists, we will be sending this five stripes banana installation to the person who donates the most to our fundraiser to Fugees Family. All you have to do is donate and mention “banana” in your reason for donating. Whomever donates the most, whether it be $25 or 25 cents, will be asked for the address and will receive the five stripes banana posthaste.

Is the banana itself content? In a small way, yes. But the larger piece of content is people donating to charity for the sake of the five stripes banana.

Bidding will end at midnight.

Yes you can eat it if you win it. You can obviously eat it.

Annnnyyyyway, donate to Fugees Family here: