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Did Christmas Armas Blow It?: A Contentmas Investigation


MLS: D.C. United at New York Red Bulls Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Over the next 25 days, Clear & Obvious and DSS are raising money for Fugees Family through the power of content*. Our goal is for the 17’s to raise $1,717 this holiday season for one of our favorite non-profits. We’ve ALREADY MET OUR FIRST GOAL AND RAISED $3,000. MY GOD. WE HAVE A NEW GOAL NOW. You can continue help us and The Fugees out by donating or creating your own content (Email us! Make a fanpost! Tweet something!) to promote the GoFundMe. Contentmas is for the people. You can donate and find out more about Fugees Family by going here:

A Merry Happy Contentmas Day #14 to you.

*not all pieces of content will be winners but hey, what can you do?

Did Christmas Armas blow it?

Christmas Armas blew it.

Annnnyyyyway, donate to Fugees Family here: