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Clear & Obvious: Alexa play the better Oasis song

wait, dang it, it called the spa chain, hold on...

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-Minnesota United FC at Atlanta United FC Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

So look, after Atlanta United got done winning another trophy last night, magic happened. The celebrations began cresting down from their climax. A brief lull in noise. And then.....the sound system in Mercedes-Benz Stadium began playing the third-most streamed song by 90’s Britpop band “Oasis.”

Ok, yeah, so that doesn’t exactly sound magical, but I swear, it happened, and I felt things. Mostly because playing the song is a tremendous jab at Minnesota. To be fair here, Minnesota did absolutely nothing to deserve this. Their tradition of singing “Wonderwall” after wins is fun and good, and their run to the US Open Cup final should be celebrated. BUT. That didn’t make it any less funny. And it was really funny.

And Minnesota fans were mad. Really mad. And that was also funny.

But let’s talk about something here. Beyond just the trolling. Beyond that person being named South Dakota Goth.

Champagne Supernova creates a feeling that the people you are standing next to, right there in this moment, are the ones you’d be ok dying with if the entire world got raptured at that very instant. Wonderwall works fine for Minnesota, but it’s always been more “I am going to kill this white dude playing this guitar on the quad again” than “we’re in this together.”

For our purposes as fans of a team defined by the sense of community created by the existence of the club, an opportunity has been presented to us. We’ve talked about anthems for the club before. Those conversations usually involve like people pitching forty different song ideas or saying “IT HAS TO BE ORGANIC.” Well, guess what. There is a song right in front of us. And this is the organic. Organic is about spontaneity and people responding to it positively. The spontaneous moment happened. This is people responding to it positively. This is fans taking a moment and integrating it. You’re literally reading it. And I’m not the only one who’s said it or thought it or played it 12 times on the way home last night because they forgot how fun it is to sing the chorus to this song at the top of your lungs. Just look through social media.

Genuinely, I can’t imagine a better scenario that creates a piece of fan culture than Atlanta United winning a trophy and then rubbing it in. It’s the whole ethos of the club. Atlanta finally has a team that’s the villain. We’ve been waiting decades for that.

The main thing though is this: This will probably get retweeted and posted to the subreddit and plenty of people will have their own song ideas or say it’s not organic or that it won’t work or one of the SG’s will just quote tweet it with “No.” That’s ok. Honestly. You’re entitled to your opinion. But mostly, it’s ok because we don’t have to convince those people. We just have to convince the person running the music to play it after every win.


Hi Mercedes-Benz Stadium music person! You look handsome/beautiful today. I love you. Remember that time you played “The Lion King” after we beat Orlando? That was really funny and clever and smart. It was also funny and clever and smart to play Champagne Supernova last night. Everyone really liked it. A lot. You should do it after every win. Maybe people will sing along with it. Wouldn’t that be fun and good? I know you may be concerned that it’s too long. That’s ok. You don’t have to play the full thing. Just let people get a couple of choruses out. They’ll feel even better after. I promise. You may also be concerned about the children. The song does in fact mention “being high.” But It doesn’t mention on what. Perhaps high on life? Even so, if it bothers you and you feel that the children will be harmed in the making of this thing, then it would in fact be extremely easy to cut the word “high” out of the song. Just bleep it. Or “Where were you when we were getting by?” also works well as a lyric don’t you think? Just tell the children it’s that. I love your outfit. Thanks for being you and doing a great job. Ok, anyway, stay sweet. See you the next win. You know what to do. You are funny and clever and smart. I love you.

Anyway, going to go listen to this song and hug my friends when I see them. Here’s a video of Josef asking where beer is.