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C&O: Dog? Dog!

Who let the...cogs out? (of the machine called society where we are all stuck spinning)

MLS: Atlanta United FC-MLS CUP Champions Parade Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

*To be read as a slam poem and absolutely no other way

These things that exist

Like fonts of papyrus

And coronavirus

Are there to try us

But do not suffer through the slog

Do not get caught in the bog

Look to the sky

There is...


Doggy doggy what now?

Yes. Dog.

The sky is falling

The wind is calling

Stand for something or

Do nothing.

And embrace dog.

Life has you downward facing?

Embrace dog.

Your style is fading?

Embrace dog.

Dog eat dog?


Dog eat your catalogue

of despair.

No need to fear.

Dog is here.

Fan favorites

Or fans savor it while it lasts

And then move on

For there is dog.

Look. Dog.

You are happy now.

If our eyes are on god and we are examining society in the mirror

then are our eyes not on dog as well?

They should be

Because on the horizon

A pale rider

A harbinger

A Nick De Le-On God I thought it wouldn’t go in

And yet it is still 2-0

With no cup in hand


Unless we look elsewhere.

Unless we look to dog.



Look at the dog.



Look at the dog.


LG-See dog go.

Go dog go.

Miguel Almiron?

Miguel Almi-long gone do not be wrong be strong like a log

And look at the dog.

Life bad.

Life sad.

Life mad.

Life not glad.

Look at this ad.

It’s a dog.

The ad is a dog.

And you are happy.

Ergo therefore

Ergo Nagbe no more

Er-go dog g—oh no

A repeat

A retweet

An open electoral seat

A treat

For the dog

If it sits

Like we sit

On so much TAM

Wham, bam, glam


Look at that dog.

There is no need to be upset.

The dog is happy.

And so are you.