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Clear & Obvious: Emo Hyndman excited but not *too* excited for My Chemical Romance reunion tour

when i was...a young boy

After a nine year hiatus, My Chemical Romance have announced a North American comeback tour for the ages. Beginning in Detroit on Sept. 9, the tour will run through October and may be a precursor to the band’s first record since 2010. No one is more excited for the return of My Chem or “MCR” to disgusting casuals, than Atlanta United’s Emerson “Emo” Hyndman.

“Oh yeah, I think I remember them,” the 23-year-old said, playing it coy. “A lot of people in my school started dying their hair black and getting gauges and stuff.”

The band announced the tour through a video showing a young man playing with a Ouija Board. Directed by Kris Mercado and featuring music from guitarist Ray Toro and keyboardist Jamie Muhoberac, Hyndman was disappointed to not hear the stunning vocals of lead singer Gerard Way, but understood that this is brand new My Chem. You have to take what you can get.

“Yeah, I like the Gerrard way. As a midfielder he’s definitely someone I tried to model my game after,” Hyndman said while presumably wondering how to get a presale code for the five closest shows.

He’ll at least be able to see them in Atlanta, although he’ll annoyingly have to wait through several other non-My Chem acts at Music Midtown on Sept. 20. A nuisance for sure, but not enough to keep him from seeing “The Black Parade” in person for the first time since My Chem stopped touring in 2013.

“To be honest, I listened to The Fray a lot in middle school. I really think ‘How to Save a Life’ is a mid-tempo pop-rock classic,” he said ironically while scrambling to turn on My Chem’s most recent release “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys” probably.

No matter what he says, we know Emo is excited along with an entire legion of My Chem fans rejoicing the long awaited return of their prodigal heroes.

“Oh wait, have we been talking about MCR this whole time?”

*clear & obvious is the thing where we make stuff up because it makes laugh