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C&O: Merry Happy Contentmas(s) (Extinction)

it’s like Contentmas but with more Metallica playing to 200,000 in the crumbling Soviet Union aesthetic

Yesterday, we wrote about The Distraction. How we need a bunch of dumb stuff like sports to distract us when things aren’t going the way we need them to go. But now the game has changed. And we need to lean on each other for some really dumb content.

So, obviously we weren’t just going to say all that and then not back it up.

In December, you helped us raise over $6,000 for Fugees Family in a poorly conceived idea we called Contentmas. 25 pieces of content in 25 days to celebrate the holiday season and to raise some money for those who deserved it.

A lot of the stuff was weird. Pointless. Unre—Irre—-Not able to be redeemed under any circumstances. But, it was also overwritten and long.

Now we’re all pretty much stuck inside for a while and there’s no games coming any time soon. So we figured we might as well entertain ourselves.

This won’t be normal DSS programming because normal programming isn’t even a thing anymore. We’re not going to put out something dumb every day like Contentams but we’ll try to keep doing things here and there to have some fun. Joe may stream on Twitch. We may live tweet some old games. We may live tweet Joe streaming on Twitch.

We’ll probably make some videos. Personally, I’m learning how to cross stitch and I’m really bad at it but I have time to get better now. That may be a thing we can use for content. Uhhh...let’s see...Movies! There will be movie reviews and stuff. About whatever we want. Some of them may be soccer related. Maybe we’ll sit down one night and all stream Shaolin Soccer and tweet through it like a family.

Look, there are no rules and it’s our site and everything is bad right now so we’re pretty much just gonna do whatever we can and see what sticks, because again, and I can’t stress this enough, we’re going to be really really bored.

If you have any ideas on how we can kill some time until everything gets a little better, get at us. Make your own stuff. Do fan posts. Tweet at us and challenge us to make some content about...literally anything. This is Contentmas(s) (Extinction) and ANYTHING. GOES.*

*within Vox Media rules and guidelines as agreed to when you signed up for your SBNation account.

We’re The Distraction now. Me and you buddy. Let’s make some things until things don’t suck.

Be The Distraction.