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DSS Does: Choose Your Own Adventure (Chapter 2)

And you may ask yourself. Well,,,How did I get here?

Come with us. On a journey. A journey where even we don’t know what will happen. Why? Because you’re in charge.

At the end of each chapter you’ll be given a collection of choices. Our hero will then make whichever choice receives the most votes at the end of the day.

Choose wisely. All is not always as it appears.*

*assume that every choice that doesn’t win would have resulted in the characters dying.

Chapter 1 is here:

“Whatever, I’ll get it.” Jeff said. His friends stared at him. A part of them wanted to keep playing. The other part wanted to see what would happen when he touched it.

As Jeff reached for the ball, the thought that it might stop glowing when he got a better look at it became less of a possibility the closer he got. He stopped short. His hands on either side. He could feel a small heat radiating from the ball. At least he thought he could. Maybe his imagination had a hold of him. Imagination in this case being the word for a delicate mixture of fear, anxiety and hope that the ball might grant him superpowers.

“What are you waiting for?” Jermaine said.

“Shut up, Jermaine,” Jeff fired back.

He still couldn’t bring himself to pick the ball up.

“Go on, Jeff,” Chris said.

“I’m Ashley Cole,” Ashley Cole said, ever the class clown.

Everyone took a break from the tension of grabbing the glowing ball to laugh uncontrollably. Jeff began to reach out again. The tension flooded the small clearing in the woods with even more speed than it exited with.

Jeff got closer. Closer. Closer. And just when he went to grab the ball he heard what sounded like rain hitting the ground. He looked around. The sky didn’t own a cloud that day.

“Oh shit,” Chris said as nearly half a pack of Skittles spilled to the ground.

Chris bent down to pick them up from the dirt. As he reached for a green Skittle or possibly just a piece of moss, he, as he so often did, began to fall forward. This time, it happened that he fell on a direct course to plant his face into the glowing green ball.

“Chris!” the group yelled, including, for some strange reason, Chris.

The group dove to try and save him from falling into the ball. In doing so, they all collapsed onto the ball. At the same, plot convenient time.

The forest around them began spinning. A strange smell of burning Red Vines filled the air. The trees shifted from solid to opaque. And the boys began falling.

They fell until they hit the ground. But not with speed. As if they had been picked up a couple of inches and been placed there by a careful parent.

“What the hell did you do,” Jermaine screamed at Chris.

“Don’t yell at him,” Jeff said.

Chris broke into tears. The tears were interrupted by a simple statement from Ashley Cole.

“I’m Ashley Cole,” Ashley Cole said.

The boys turned around. The sight concussed them. They couldn’t move.

“Y’all,” Jeff said. “Where...where are we?”


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