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Clear and Obvious

A collection of weird things about soccer we regret publishing on Dirty South Soccer

C&O: Signings Atlanta United should make if Adam Jahn joins the team

Or the team could extend Julian Gressel


We can’t say much more, but we’ll try.

The Night Before Larentowiczmas

And not a creature was stirring, because they had already read this thing twice before and DSS hadn’t stopped posting annoying nonsense for 24 straight days

Contentmas Day 23: A Hater’s Guide to Contentmas

Trash. Trash everywhere. And it’s on fire. And the fire is on fire.

Holiday Songs: Ranked

Definitive. Iconic. Undebatable.

Contentmas Yule Log Atlanta United gifts for everyone

Do the Earthquakes call it a Yueill Log?

Contentmas Day 21: Did Tharg, The Christmas Paladin, steal your favorite player’s soul?

today in self-indulgent anti-nonsense disguised as nonsense...

How to fix the MLS Combine thing

Way better ideas than Caleb Stanko would have

Contentmas Day 19: Charlotte’s MLS team needs a name

Going to Carolina Athletic Sporting FC in my mind. (also does anyone else think James Taylor looks a LOT like Ted Bundy? Like has anyone seen them in the same room together. It is making me very uncomfortable.

A Contentmas ROUNDTABLE: What’s the best video game cheat of all-time?

The DSS staff ponders a deeply relevant to soccer question

Jeff Larentowicz vs. The World (Part II): Part Three

We can be your hero, baby

Jeff Larentowicz vs. The World (Part II): Part Two

All around me are familiar faces, worn out places

Did Christmas Armas Blow It?: A Contentmas Investigation


A Contentmas Guide to Nashville SC

This is like hot chicken just try to enjoy it and not spend the majority of your time crying.

Contentmas Day 12: A Mike Petke Christmas

I feel god blessing us all everyone in this Michaels tonight

Contentmas Day 11: What is content?

c’est n’est pas une content

The Ten Doo-el Commandments

wait for it.

Atlanta United players Dirty South Soccer’s Haris Kruskic could beat in a fight

Bloodsport is a Contentmas movie, prove me wrong

Happy One Year Anniversary MLS Cup 2018. We love you.

and merry happy Contentmas day eight...holy smokes it’s only day eight oh god

Every Day Should Be Soccerday: How to change the conversation to ATLUTD during the SEC Championship

Them SEC’s is hell, don’t they?

We got Ed Orgeron to read “The Night Before Larentowiczmas”

Welcome to da noth pole, wheh childruns dreems come ta thrive

Contentmas Day 6: A live look at Julian Gressel’s Contract Negotiations

Donate your TAM to Fugees Family

Jeff Larentowicz Moments: Ranked


Your ATLUTD Holiday Shopping Guide

I am become Kickasserole destroyer of mundane baking

Every Day Should Be Soccerday: A trophy for each MLS rivalry


C&O: 25 Days of Contentmas: Day 2: MLS Teams and their 2019 album counterpart

Hiding out inside my head, it’s me again, it’s no surprise

C&O: 25 Days of Contentmas: Day One: God is pro Pro/Rel?

This will definitely settle the argument.

Clear & Obvious: Content-mas is upon us (let’s raise some money.)

For the sake of the content, for the love of the Fugees.

Clear & Obvious: (Universal) Expansion Draft

"so am i seriously not allowed to draft montana?"

Clear & Obvious: Which Atlanta United players would lose in a fight with a bird


Clear & Obvious: The offseason is Lit


Frame-by-frame breakdown of the Atlanta United Halloween video

Clear and Obvious: Stop the damn presses this is important.